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Hoverboards are gaining in popularity which was just a figment of imagination a few decades ago which has now become a reality and after the "Back to the Future" Part II movie release it has become very popular indeed.

If we are to get ourselves one it would be prudent on our part to ensure we get the right one which would suit our needs and be compatible with our desires and mode of usage.

Towards that goal we look at five of the top rated cheap Hoverboards for the year 2017 which would make our selection more enjoyable and light on our wallets.

There have been some issues with design flaws and some Hoverboards having had some controversial issues on different aspects that have dampened the urge to own one by many in the recent past.

#1. Razor Hovertrax 2.0

This could be considered as the top of the range, because Razor has been developing the ubiquitous manual propelling scooters for many years and have now brought us the self propelling Razor Hovertrax 2.0.

It meets UL 2272 safety standards and has two 350 watt Dual Hub motors to propel the rider at a cruising speed of 12 to 13 kilometers per hour with a LED battery life indicator.

#2. Epikgo All-Terrain scooter

Safety is the primary objective of the Epikgo All-Terrain scooter and has been awarded the stringently monitored UL 2272 certification after so many unforeseen and controversial issues of Hoverboards self combusting.

The extra large All-Terrain wheels are powered by two high powered 400 watt Dual Motors and would take you a distance of around 16 kilometers on a full charged battery.

#3. Alien Board BatWings Hoverboard

This is also a UL 2272 certified Hoverboard but offered at a very reasonable price and would be within anybody's budget and weighing just 23 pounds it could carry a person who would be 220 pounds or less.

The Bat Wings Hoverboard at is Bluetooth compatible which would make your ride enjoyable as you could listen to music whilst on the move at around 12 miles range handling inclines of 15 degrees or less.

#4. Segway Mini Pro

The fully charged long life battery would propel the two motors with 800 watts of power to take you a maximum distance of 22 kilometers or more at a cruising speed of around 16 kilometers per hour.

The Segway Mini Pro has also been bestowed with the UL 2272 certification for safety is Bluetooth compatible which is coupled with anti-theft apps, provide customization to control the LED lights and its other inbuilt software apps.

#5. Halo Rover Hoverboard

This is specially built for kids and is UL 2272 certified for safety as they need to be safe when using any of the many toys and other gadgets that they are exposed to, in the recent past with some causing injuries and a few fatalities too.

The Halo Rover Hoverboard can handle grass, sand and even dirt with its 8.5 inches tires which provides a smooth ride at 16 kilometers per hour to a maximum distance of 16 kilometers and is Bluetooth capable.

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