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Essential Factors To Consider When Buying A Hoverboard

Hoverboards are extremely enjoyable toys both for young and adults. I must say this is the coolest gift one can receive. Who doesn’t want it? But if we are considering buying a hoverboard whether it is for our personal use or as a gift, we still want to buy the quality hoverboard at a reasonable price. These self-balancing scooters are a little pricy and if you are dipping into buying one it should be worth the price.


Most of the hoverboards can be purchased online and first thing to consider is where is the product will be shipping from. It’s hard to buy a hoverboard overseas so it is important that the company where you will be buying it from ships domestically. Such as, shipping within U.S. or EU countries makes the shipping timeframe faster than shipping offshore.

Also, it’s hard to buy from a seller located outside the United States or EU countries because sooner or later the hoverboard will encounter some issues. If it has to be replaced or repaired, it’ll be difficult to contact a seller situated outside U.S. or EU countries. After-sales issues are inevitable especially the fact that hoverboards are have many electronic components that can be defective eventually. Sometimes defects occur during shipments which will be not be noticed by the seller or the shipping carrier. How are we going to send the hoverboard back to the seller if the merchant is located outside US? How is going to pay for the shipping? How long will it take again before you received your hoverboard in good working condition? The truth is, a merchant who are physically located in the US or EU countries are far better than merchants offshore because they can easily take care of the problems a buyer might encounter.

Speaking of shipping, if purchasing online, it’s good to find an online seller who offers free shipping.


Warranty is crucial when purchasing a hoverboard. It is a good idea to look for a company that offers longer warranty. Hoverboards can have problems either upon received or after a certain period of time. If a manufacturer or seller offers a shorter warranty, you must begin to doubt the quality of their hoverboards. Sellers offering longer warranty are confident that their hoverboards will be working as expected. It is also essential to review the warranty coverage and eligibility.

Customers Feedback and Reviews

Are you going to buy to a seller that has lots of negative feedbacks? Customers reviews and feedbacks will definitely give us the confidence that the hoverboards we are planning to buy are really made of good quality. Some companies will claim that they are UL certified but negative reviews will state otherwise. Read the customers reviews and feedbacks this will give us ideas of the issues we might have if we buy from a certain seller. Is the seller responsive? Fast shipping? How about the most common problems of their hoverboards, the quality of their hoverboards.

UL Certification

Never ever buy a hoverboard that aren’t UL certified. Please also be aware that there are fake UL logos. I highly recommend buying a hoverboard that passed the UL 2722 certification test because those hoverboards that are not UL certified are more likely to catch fire.

There are other factors that must be considered like the price, size, types but these are dependents on the users and on the amount of money a person is willing to spend on the hoverboard. To some it up, we just have to carefully review everything before buying a hoverboard.

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