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The Hollywood movie "Back to the Future II" created a wave of interest in the Hoverboard and though inventors have still not got them to fly, they do serve the purposes for which they have been built.

This unprecedented wave of interest in the public domain for Hoverboard naturally created the demand for such a contraption and manufacturers of all hues started to bring out many models.

There were no controls enforced at the time and some Hoverboards spontaneously combusted due to electrical malfunctions and others exploded causing injury to riders.

Today there are certifications that are required prior to selling Hoverboards in the market and one stringently enforced quality control is the UL2272 certificate

We present below some safety tips that you could educate yourself with if you intend buying a Hoverboard.

#. Check for UL2272 certification

The UL2272 certification is the industry standard which is enforced by the regulators in the United States hence it is mandatory that the one you buy carries it.

#. Follow accepted charging procedures

Strictly follow manufacturer's instructions for charging the battery. It has been the battery which has caused some of the incidents that have taken place in the past.

#. Practice before you ride

The Hoverboard could cause injury as it travels at around 8 to 10 miles per hour, hence the rider should have perfect control of it as he or she would be vulnerable to accidents if they have not mastered the art of riding.

#. Ride on approved places

Hoverboards cannot be ridden everywhere as there are restrictions as to where you could ride them. Check out with the local Police before you would ride it on the sidewalks, parks, malls, etc.

#. Know the limitations of the Hoverboard

Educate yourself as to the limitations of your Hoverboard. For one you cannot fly on it, you cannot take it to water and likewise there are many limitations, know them and adhere to them strictly.

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