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"Hoverboard" craze is on and everywhere we see there are children, young adults and the not so young adults, who are all on two wheels balancing their way, weaving either through the pavements, inside malls, along corridors and almost all over every other place.

This new craze became more popular after the "Back to the future" movie series that grossed box office records and took the world by storm with many trying to glide through the air and experience that exhilarating freedom to move at liberty.

If buying one for yourself (you need to check out Alien Wheels blog first to learn how to tell good hoverboard with cheap hoverboard), would put you back a couple of hundred bucks the next best thing would be to make your own "hoverboard" with a few materials that you find very easily at home and some from the utility store nearby.

The following materials would be what is needed:

1. Motors used in scooters of 24 volts – 02 units (Preferably 120 watts)
2. 12 amp battery of 12 volts (7 amp could do too)
3. A piece of wood – 2" x 2"
4. Sheet of plywood – ¼ inch
5. Sheet of plywood – ½ inch
6. Wood glue
7. Selected screws
8. Epoxy
9. Small wheels of rubber about 1" diameter
10. Wheels 12" – a pair from a children's bicycle
11. Balance wheel ( a castor wheel would do)

Assembly method

a) Get the two wheels from a children's bicycle ready. Remove all unnecessary nuts on it keeping the axle well oiled.
b) Cut out the frame from the two thin pieces of plywood and also two from the thicker pieces of plywood.
c) Next cut out a slot that should be just fitting the space for the battery.
d) In the 2" x 2" piece of wood drill two holes a bit larger than the axles of the wheels to fix the two on either side.
e) Fill the two holes with epoxy and insert the two wheels tightly and leave it to harden for at least one day
f) Fix the wheels to the frame using two pieces of wood from the 2" x 2" piece of wood
g) Attach a balance wheel to keep the "hoverboard" steady when moving
h) Connect the scooter motor to the battery
i) Fix the two small wheels to the motor
j) The driving wheels on the motor should be firmly fixed against the two small wheels on either side giving enough traction to the wheels to move.
k) The two motors should be firmly fixed and leave no room to be sacked,
l) Ensure that the motors are correctly connected and the wiring to the battery is correct if not which it could be disastrous.
m) Fix rubber bands on either side to ensure that the two small is pressed against the big wheels.
n) Place the final plywood on top on which you will have to stand.
o) Take it out for a ride and see how it performs.
p) Now your "hoverboard" is ready and good for a run.

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