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Taking Care Of Your Hoverboard

Every hoverboard owners want nothing more but to use their hoverboards to the fullest and let it last for a longer period of time. Here are some few tips on how to take care of your hoverboards.

1. Clean the wheels as often as possible

When wheels become defective, smart balance board becomes useless as the wheels are integral part of this coolest gadget. Thus, it is important to check the wheels as frequently as possible and make sure that they are free from dust or debris. Regular cleaning of the wheels will prevent debris to clog. Remember that these wheels are connected to the motor and leaving it filthy will eventually affect the motor performance as well. 

2. Keeping it charged but not overcharged

Hoverboard batteries are made of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. This type of batteries are slightly sensitive as compared to regular batteries so it has to be properly taken care of. Therefore it is important to make sure that the batteries are fully charge before using it but do not overcharge it as it will potentially affect the battery efficiency and durability. Ideal charging time is 1-2 hours depending on the type and brand of your hoverboards so it is strongly recommended to check the manual for its normal charging time.

3. Check the wires

Frequent bumps make the wires loose or it gets disconnected which will cause malfunction of the hoverboards like clicking noise inside the board. It is a good idea to check the wirings if you notice something unusual with the performance of your hoverboard. Sometimes this is due to loose or disconnected wires.

4. Make it brand new

The way to do this is to always keeping the board clean. Polish your board with a soft damp cloth every after and before using it to keep the shine of the outershells and wheels. 

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