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Weight Limits Of A Hoverboard

One of the factors that needs to be considered when buying hoverboard is the board’s maximum weight capacity to carry. This is important so we can when the hoverboard will work to its full potential or not. You have to make sure that you are not too heavy to use the self-balancing scooter as it may not function well as expected. The weight limits may vary depending on the make and model you buy. It depends on the wheels, motors and batteries that was used.

Generally, hoverboards can carry a 100-kilogram rider or 220 lbs. rider, it can still carry a slightly overweight rider but it might affect the balance and performance of the board. Ideally, for heavier riders it is best to look for a bigger 10-inch hoverboard or 1 wheeled hoverboard as it can support heavier weights. A 10-inch tire have a stronger motor which can carry up to 250-265 pounds depending on the model.

Also, the dominant effect of getting closer to the Electric Smart Balance board weight limit is that the battery will not last longer as compared to a lighter rider.

When buying a hoverboard it is important to ask for the weight limit of the hoverboard because weight limit depends from board to board.

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